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We are an innovative casting company that employs extras and actors. Our casting engine serves all media projects for casting background performers, otherwise popularly know as "extras". In addition, our service is used for more than just background work. We also provide real opportunities for you to audition for paying jobs in media projects. Media projects such as web-series, corporate videos, commercials, industrials & print, voice over work, video game mo-cap, infomercials, instructional videos, film & television and so many more!

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Behind ExtraWork

To view Mike Migliara casting's website & resume click here.

Mike Migliara has been contracted not only as a Principle Casting Director, engaging 100's of actors every year in various speaking roles, but he has also held position of Extras Casting Director for over 10 years - working with critcially acclaimed producers and directors such as George Clooney, Denis Villeneuve, Jim Donovan, Peter Segal, Mark Waters and powerhouse production companies and studios such as Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Paramount, Muse Entertainment, Caramel Films. Mike built this engine in order to provide optimal service for extras casting.

Click here to view Mike's extras casting director's credits.

Mike Migliara is from Montreal, Quebec but moved to Ottawa, Ontario in 2012 where he continues to cast and package films. He also now teaches acting at YourCasting.ca

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